George Washington, Spymaster


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A riveting tale of intrigue, spies, counterspies, and secret agents, George Washington, Spymaster is a unique and entertaining account of one of the most important chapters in our nation’s history. The compelling narrative reveals the surprising role played by the first commander-in-chief, General George Washington in the War of Independence. Enter the shadowy world of double agents, covert operations, codes and ciphers—a world so secret that America’s spymaster himself doesn’t know the identities of some of his agents. Meet members of the elusive Culper Ring, uncover a “mole” in the Sons of Liberty, and see how invisible ink and even a clothesline are used to send secret messages. You can even use Washington’s own secret codebook, published here for the first time. Ages 10 and up. (Paperback, 184 pages)

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Thomas B. Allen